Almost 80 years ago, Warshaw opened its first store in Montreal on Boulevard St Laurent. Over the years, my family ran this business and earned a reputation for great service, quality products and great prices. 

(photo taken in 1944, ten years after the store's opening) 

Almost 10 years ago, Warshaw opened its new store adjacent to the Atwater Market, so that it could be closer to those who like cooking and entertaining. 

We are here to help you discover interesting and unique new ways to cook and entertain, to discover products you never knew existed. And that will add convenience and enjoyment to your lives. At prices that will make you smile.

You will find us just east of the Atwater market and above the Lachine canal. There is ample parking nearby. Drop in anytime and browse the store. I guarantee that you will be amazed at what you discover.

- Irwin Levy, Owner